• Voja-Vojislav Trifkovic
  • Role: Projects Manager
  • Joined Kanoo Engineering since: 2017
  • Hobbies & Interests:

 After a decade of working for various companies in both Europe and UAE, joining Kanoo Engineering was one of my best career decisions.

Such a healthy company that has great work ethics with friendly and professional teams. I love my job as we all enjoy job security and the space to develop and grow with the company. Everyone has opportunity to learn and to be heard. The way Kanoo Group treats its employees make us feel as part of a family, as the Management realizes that people are the most valuable asset in the company.

  • Rajendra Konnur
  • Role:- Head of Sales
  • Joined Kanoo Engineering since:
  • Hobbies & Interests:

 The Kanoo Group is a brilliant example of stability, consistency and most importantly sustained growth.

In my association over 12 years with Kanoo group, I am testament to the above. The Group offers a multi-cultural and multi-lingual work place which promotes a positive culture and encourages regular participation across different entities. Kanoo Group was my first endeavor out of country and today the decision to choose Kanoo over other companies was opportune to accomplish my professional and personal aspirations. Started as Works Manager, then Project Manager and now Head of Sales for the engineering arm of the group, I am proud to be associated with a group having management transparency, inter division networking, and ethical values which drives me to stay and perform. It is an exciting work place to push your limits, gain many talented friends from around and encourage you to achieve your dreams.