the kanoo group Almost anywhere in the Gulf region, people will instantly recognise the Kanoo name and corporate logo. After more than a hundred years of living up to the demanding expectations of their consumers, the Kanoo name has become synonymous with the principles of trust, reliability and quality. The well-known Kanoo symbol of the palm tree appears in all communications, evoking a sense of trust, stability and friendliness with compelling ties to a strong heritage. During a qualitative research of The Kanoo Group image in the UAE, the words 'reliable', 'very strong' and 'trusted', came up again and again - with awareness of The Kanoo Group matching levels usually associated with consumer brands.

Kanoo's marketing approach focuses on the company's key selling-proposition of 'Many Opportunities. One Address', a slogan which highlights The Kanoo Group's diverse business opportunities.

The Kanoo Group can often be found gracing the pages of the UAE newspapers and magazines with regular features, insightful interviews and discussions on the company's latest venture. There is always something to talk or write about with The Kanoo Group's sponsorship agenda. The Kanoo Group has been integrating corporate philanthropy in one of its missions to foster community-based sustainable developments in areas such as arts, education, health, social welfare, project management, sports, and the natural environment.

The Kanoo Group promotes its products and its services by hosting trade shows and events across the region from the highly technical Sea Trade Exhibitions and Conferences, Arabian Travel Market, to the fun of the Kanoo Open Day, to name a few.