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Kanoo Power & Iindustrial Projects

Kanoo Power & Iindustrial Projects Kanoo Power & Iindustrial Projects

Kanoo Energy was formed with a vision to provide solutions through engineering & value added services to utility sector companies as well as to the multitude of Industry spread across the Arabian Gulf. It used to operate as the General Trading Division and was changed to P&IP in 1999 to expand the operations and increase the activities.

The core philosophy is to increase efficiency, optimize unit output and reduce costs to the utility and general industry with a pro-active and a pro-customer attitude. With a dedicated team and an ideology that "Possibilities are Endless", Kanoo P&IP aims to deliver the best services to the customers, at all times.

Kanoo P&IP has offices throughout the Gulf to cater to the diverse industrial, engineering and utility sector needs. We have built a dynamic team of analysts, consultants and project engineers who have an in-depth knowledge of products and processes. With a visionary leadership, combined with professional, skilled and competent technical staff, Kanoo P&IP is all set to capture a large market throughout the gulf. The emphasis has always been on providing high quality engineering services and solutions.

Kanoo P&IP has a multitude of engineers picked from diverse engineering disciplines and experience. Our engineers have wide and varied exposure to a variety of Industry such as Power, Paper, Cement, Plastic, Construction, Fabrication, Precision machining, Aviation etc. We have extensive experience in Assembly, Testing, Erection and Commissioning.

Our team comprises knowledge and expertise from various fields of Engineering, Administration, Logistics, Finance and Customer Support.


  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • Electronics
  • Chemical
  • Industrial & production
  • Aeronautics

P&IP is divided into 3 main divisions according to the activities and the products and services they offer to the market.

  • Energy & Integrated Utilities (E&IU)
  • Industrial and Safety Products( KIP)
  • Aviation Services (KAS)

Kanoo Energy UAE

Kanoo Energy Dubai

Tel : +971 04 6022222

Fax : +971 04 3930810

E mail : kanoo.energy-uae@Kanoo.com |

Kanoo Energy Abu Dhabi

Tel : +971 02 5506868

Fax : +971 02 5502882


Raman Marwaha - General Manager Kanoo Energy UAE & OMAN

Tel : +971 4 6022222

Fax : +971 4 3362353


P&D Abu Dhabi

Tel : +971 2 6774444

Fax : +971 2 6773490


Useful Contacts

  • Industrial Consumables & Safety- Sai Gokul - +971 56 2071723
  • Height Safety (Fall Protection) And Electrical & Instrumentation- Ameen Sheikh - +971 50 5528758
  • Corrosion Solutions - Syed Suhail – +971 501581076
  • Engineering Supplies - Parvez Mohiuddin - +971 50 9431241
  • Process Chemicals- Mohammed Azharuddin - +971 50 4892518
  • Projects & Services- Balasubramanian Munusamy - +971 05 06225363