Kanoo Cranes

Kanoo Cranes

Kanoo Cranes Kanoo Cranes L.L.C is a Division of The Kanoo Group, one of the largest family owned businesses operating in the GCC. This Division was created to focus on providing engineered crane solutions to the Construction, Oil and Gas and Industrial markets. With more than 50 years of history and experience and over 10 years of working, operating and packaging Tower cranes across the GCC, Kanoo Cranes provides complete lifting solutions with Mobile crane packages. This makes Kanoo Cranes is the top choice in the Middle east.

Kanoo Cranes offers engineered solutions for any lifting requirements with knowledgeable experts in Mobile cranes, Crawler cranes, Tower cranes and passenger hoists.

Our team is able to support your needs by:

  • Providing recommendations and advisory services for methodology for crane implementation and use of any associated accessories,
  • Give you full operational support with erection, dismantling and climbing
  • Supply spares parts and maintenance contracts for any mobile crane or tower crane along with their accessories,
  • Advise on anti-collision systems, test weights, third party inspection
  • Provide Training for a wide variety of aspects within the cranes industry.

Kanoo Cranes extensive experience in the field of lifting and their dedicated division is able to provide its services across a variety of markets with a diverse range of brands and cost effective crane solutions.

The Kanoo group has completed hundreds of different crane installations in its history and established itself as the crane professional in the region with the capability to take on large scope of works and provide specific engineered solutions. We continue to retain an excellent reputation and have established alliance agreements with

  • JASO (clickable links to http://www.kanoocranes.com/partners page)
  • SMIE-Anti collision (same as above)
  • MEADA (same as above)
  • SPIERINGS (same as above)
  • ALBA (same as above)

To offer our service across the Middle East. While currently operations are focused in the UAE and Oman with expectations for expansion into Saudi Arabia, Qatar.

CONTACT Kanoo Cranes

Kanoo Cranes

P.O. Box 290, Dubai – U.A.E.

Telephone: +971 4 446 5532

Fax No. : +971 4 446 5538

E-mail : info@kanoocranes.com

Website:- www.kanoocranes.com

Toll Free : 800 KANOO