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Kanoo Capital

Kanoo LogisticsWhile Kanoo Capital was formalized as such in 2016, the underlying business operations were established in the late 1980’s. The mandate, then and now, is to manage the investment aspects of the Group’s expansion and to forge business alliances with established global partners that seek to enter the Gulf region’s dynamic markets. Since then, Kanoo Capital has been a key driver for the successful development of a host of strategic partnerships with prominent regional and global companies.

The division targets large-scale projects of an existing or prospective business-to-business supply chain, and actively seeks businesses that are relevant to the region’s economy. The team is currently pursuing ventures in the fields of healthcare; oil field services; petrochemicals and diversified business support services.

Cultivating robust partnerships with a broad base of asset managers and entrepreneurs gives Kanoo Capital access to market insight, allowing it to identify opportunities that can be leveraged to improve the operations of both new and established businesses connected with the YBA Kanoo Group.

Decades of experience in regional markets has given Kanoo Capital the discernment to offer a wealth of value-added benefits to joint venture and investment partners. These include continuous monitoring of performance; introductions to new customers; sourcing locally available resources and materials; ensuring legal and regulatory compliance; reviewing feasibility of additional projects and expansions, as well as exploring opportunity integration for local manufacturing.

Fixed Income

Our core fixed income strategy seeks to maximize total return by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of high-quality investment grade securities. The Fixed Income team also seeks a high level of current income by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of debt securities that are rated below investment grade or are unrated. This includes senior secured position in capital structures, which reduces credit volatility.

Public Equities

We employ fundamentals-based research overlaid with technical signals in disciplined process in searching for regional corporates that have competitive advantages led by shareholder-friendly management teams. The Equities team typically invests as a minority owner, but with the benefit of a very long horizon when investments are made, Kanoo Capital considers itself to be a partial owner of the businesses. This means we focus on the absolute value of businesses, not their value.

Private Capital

The Private Capital team creates opportunities to act as a differentiated partner in private equity, real estate, late-stage venture capital and managed funds. It operates as a transparent and trusted partner, undertaking transactions that build strong businesses to serve the needs of customers and joint venture partners in the region.

Joint Ventures

Kanoo Capital employs an expert team focused on seeking out high quality companies and entrepreneurs with the potential to build and pursue lucrative opportunities within the GCC. With fundamentally sound investments, the team practices flexibility alongside a patient pool of capital, to cooperate with reputable counterparts and invest in joint ventures that build upon the core expertise and market access of YBA Kanoo.

Numbers and facts

  • +30 Joint Ventures
  • +40 Active Investments
  • +17 Countries invested in
  • Industrial, Financial, Chemicals, Energy, Healthcare sectors

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P.O.Box-45, kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 1722 0220

Email: kc.info@kanoo.com