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We recognize the family’s importance and priority in life. We are pleased that you have taken the first step to finding out a career at The Kanoo Group. We offer services in four defined areas of business; logistics, as an international shipping agency, a provider of exhibitions services and in freight forwarding; a travel agency; services to the oil and gas and construction industries lastly activities that are covered by our joint venture companies. With around 1,000 direct employees, which comprises of around 30 different nationalities and with 6,000 employees working in the various joint-venture companies, working at The Kanoo Group can offer you opportunities at one address.

In each culture, a person's career choice is influenced partly by his/her environment such as gender roles, economy, genetics and other social norms.

We believe that people make a crucial difference in every element of our business – they are the reason for our success. As one of the largest employers in UAE, The Kanoo Group is continuing its obligation for education and work-based learning towards the local community in terms of recruiting and developing UAE nationals. Our commitment towards this goal is evident on the numbers of UAE nationals within the Group which is reflected especially with the rapid expansion over the years.

It's unfortunate that most people do not put much thought into their choice of career. It's a very complex decision to make and maybe that turns people off doing what they should, often settling for something that doesn't suit them.

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Make the right choice and explore over 130 years of experience.

A Note About Fake Job Offers

We have recently seen the names of some of our business divisions being fraudulently used by organized criminals to put out fake employment offers to individuals. Please beware that such actions have no connection with Kanoo and are attempts to extort payment from unsuspecting victims. Kanoo will never charge any sums from candidates towards recruitment, visa, travel or any other fees. Kanoo will never make an offer of employment without a series of face to face interviews usually held at our own offices or before verifying references and educational qualifications provided by candidates. If you receive any unsolicited employment offer claiming to be from a Kanoo company, it is very likely the work of fraudsters and we strongly advise you not to respond to such 'offers' or pay out any sums of money. We also encourage you to bring such instances to our attention at: