BRC Arabia


BRCThe Kanoo Group has completed acquisition of the balance shares of former joint venture partner BRC Arabia to become the sole owner of the company on June 6, 2012. BRC's headquarter and operations are currently situated in Dubai Industrial City Seih Shuaib3 since November 2011. BRC Arabia, formerly known as BRC Arabia FZC, was initially operated within Sharjah Airport Free Zone (SAIF) in December 1996.

As a premier leader in reinforcing steel production, BRC ARABIA (LLC) has earned reputable standing to the construction market. BRC's running goal is to provide high-quality environmental construction products to all its clients.

BRC ARABIA (LLC) offers a complete package of steel reinforcement which includes:

  • Cut & Bent Steel Rebars
  • BRC Welded Wire Mesh
  • Cold Rolled Steel Wires
  • Rebars Threading with Mechanical Splicing (Couplers)

All the products are produced to International Standards and Specifications under stringent quality control.

BRC ARABIA (LLC) was certified to ISO 9001: 2000 under QMI Certificate No. 011860 in August 2001 and upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 from November, 2011.

Contact - BRC ARABIA (LLC)


Plot No: DM532-237

Seih Shoaib 3


Tel.: +971-4-4515533

Fax: +971-4-4515544