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15th Blood Donation Drive at The Kanoo Group highlights importance of giving

15th Blood Donation Drive at The Kanoo Group highlights importance of giving

Dubai, UAE – December 10, 2013: As part of corporate humanitarian efforts, The Kanoo Group organized its 15th Blood Donation campaign in association with Al Wasl Hospital Blood Donation Centre, held recently at The Kanoo Group headquarters in Bur Dubai.

This annual practice is part of The Kanoo Group's initiative to stress on the need to build awareness about voluntary giving and its priceless impact to those fighting to survive. It is also a regular effort to bring knowledge to all employees about the health benefits they get from donating which as a result boosts the number of volunteers every year.

More than 70 staff from The Kanoo Group joined together to support the 15th Blood Donation held at the HAK Training Hall from 9.00 am till 1.30 pm which was handled by a specialized medical team from Al Wasl Hospital.

The Marketing team of The Kanoo Group every year organizes the blood drive and oversees the entire operation from inviting blood donors to its successful delivery on behalf of The Kanoo Group. The 15th Blood Donation Drive was the 2nd event for this year following its effective conclusion in April.

Since 2003, The Kanoo Group has been effectively conducting the blood donation campaign, among others and today continuously promotes social responsibilities and charity as in-line with the principles of the company that paved its success for 124 years in the service.